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SNX SKU Description Manufacturer PartNo Availability
Computer Accessories   >>   Computer Accessories
5672977 PENCIL HOLDER IPAD AIR 2 PRO 9.7 BLK LGX-12236 In Stock|Not Returnable
Computer Accessories   >>   PC Carrying Cases
5533113 NEOPRENE SLEEVE 15MACBOOK PRO 15 BLK LGX-10899 In Stock|Not Returnable
Consumer Electronics   >>   AV Cables
5533060 FLAT FLEX AUX 3.5MM 1.5M CBL BLACK LGX-10564 Discontinued|Not Returnable
Consumer Electronics   >>   Bluetooth Headphones
5718967 TUNEFREQS IN EAR HEADPHONES ROSE GOLD LGX-12225 Discontinued|Not Returnable
Consumer Electronics   >>   CE Carrying Cases
5658419 GEL GUARD FOR IPHONE 6 - CLEAR/BLACK LGX-10988 In Stock|Not Returnable
5658426 GEL GUARD FOR IPHONE 6 PLUS -CLEAR/CLEAR LGX-11014 Discontinued|Not Returnable
Consumer Electronics   >>   Headphones & Microphones
5533174 TUNEFREQS 360 IN EAR HEADPHONES GOLD LGX-11890 Discontinued|Not Returnable
5673058 BLUE PISTON TUNEFREQS 360 ROSE GOLD LGX-12181 Discontinued|Not Returnable
5673059 BLUE PISTON TUNEFREQS 360 SILVER LGX-12183 Discontinued|Not Returnable
Consumer Electronics   >>   Speakers
5533066 BLUE PISTON WRLS RECHRGABLE SPK GUNMETAL LGX-10572 Discontinued|Not Returnable
5533069 BLUE PISTON WRLS RECHRGABLE SPK LIME LGX-10611 Discontinued|Not Returnable
5533072 BLUE PISTON WRLS RECHRGABLE SPK RED LGX-10614 Discontinued|Not Returnable
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Mice / Pointing Devices
5533077 STYL ALUM PRO UCH SCRN DEVICES PURPLE LGX-10684 In Stock|Not Returnable
5533079 STYL ALUM PRO UCH SCRN DEVICES TURQUOISE LGX-10686 In Stock|Not Returnable
5533111 STYL ALUM MINI UCH SCRN DEVICES GOLD LGX-10883 In Stock|Not Returnable
Monitors & Projectors   >>   Accessories
5533133 LOGIIX PHANTOM GLASS FOR IPHONE 6 PLUS LGX-10986 Discontinued|Not Returnable
System Components   >>   System Cables
5533171 SYNC CHRG JOLT MULTI 3-IN-1 USB CBL WHT LGX-11875 In Stock|Not Returnable