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SNX SKU Description Manufacturer PartNo Availability
Computer Accessories   >>   Computer Accessories
5179519 REAR WINDOW LP RM23212 (ROHS) 84H323210-007 Not Returnable
5331910 REAR WINDOW LOW PROFILE RM236 55H173241C002 Not Returnable
5795034 FAN BALL 5000RPM FD128032HB-P 30H080032-114 Not Returnable
5922605 ROHS RAIL KIT,26IN/L FOR 2U,3U,RM411/414 84H321510-022 Not Returnable
6104778 CHENBRO 20# SLIDING RAIL FOR 84H342310-001 Not Returnable
6105030 26 INCH SR107 RACKMOUNT SLIDE RAIL 84H210710-024 Not Returnable
6105031 RACKMOUNT EARS BLACK 2 PCS /BOX 84H210710-035 Not Returnable
6107218 CHENBRO LOW PROFILE REAR WINDW 84H322510-001 Not Returnable
6107566 CHASSIS MANAGEMENT PCB 84H331410-025 Not Returnable
6112014 CHENBRO LOW PROFILE REAR WINDW 84H321210-050 Not Returnable
Computers and Portables   >>   Servers
5149593 4U AUTO Rackmount server case w/ Rail RM41300-F1-RAIL Not Returnable
6107144 4U HIGH DENSITY STORAGE SERVER CHASSIS RM41416M2-R620 In Stock|Not Returnable
6107230 MINI-ITX SERVER CHASSIS W/250W PSU SR30169T2-250 Not Returnable
Power Devices   >>   Power Distribution Units
6108249 CHENBRO SINGLE MODULE 620W PS-C2W-5620V-P Not Returnable
Power Devices   >>   Power Supplies
5149929 PSU 500W PFC EPS12V PS-P1H-5500V Not Returnable
5352813 PSU,SS-600W,EP12V,2U,80+,24+8+8+4 PS-SS600H2U-80T Not Returnable
5494686 PSM MODULE OF C2W-5620V-P 620W PSM-C2W-3620V-R Not Returnable
5795032 ACBEL 875W REDUNDANT PSU WITH PMBUS PS-R2IS7871A-G Not Returnable
5979115 ACBEL 650W 1+1 REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY PS-R2IS7651A-G Not Returnable
6103020 PSU BRACKET FOR ZIPPY R3G-6650P 84H341310-010 In Stock|Not Returnable
6105592 CHENBRO 500W EPS12V(24+8) PSU PS-P2H-5500V Not Returnable
6105798 650W MINI-REDUNDANT 1+1 POWER SUPPLY PS-MRM6650PT-7 In Stock|Not Returnable
6108293 650W EPS12V(24+8) PSU PS-P2G-5650V Not Returnable
6145031 SEASONIC PSU, 600W, ATX, 80+ PS-SS-600ES Not Returnable
Storage Devices   >>   Network Storages
6139854 4U 36BAY W/6G MINISAS EXP BP RM41736E2-RE00G Not Returnable
Storage Devices   >>   Storage Accessories
5137905 5-3 SATA II Hard drive storage cage SK33502T2 In Stock|Not Returnable
5150154 CD ROM BAY 1-1 SATA II HDD MODULE SK51102T2 Not Returnable
5159866 Hot Swap SATAII/SAS 6G HDD Enclosure SK32303T2 In Stock|Not Returnable
5984693 SK 3-IN-2 HDD SATA/SAS 12G BK SK32303T3 Not Returnable
5984694 SK 5-IN-33 3XODD BAYS TO 5X3.5 HDD BAYS SK33502T3 Not Returnable
6102570 CHENBRO 1X INT 3.5# HDD/SLIM SK41202 Not Returnable
6102938 3.5 IN HOTSWAP HDD TRAY 84H533510-024 In Stock|Not Returnable
6103019 INTERNAL SSD / 2.5 INCH HD BRACKET SK41203 Not Returnable
6106008 CHENBRO SLIM CD/FDD COMBO BRKT 84H321410-009 Not Returnable
6106101 3X5.25 INCH+1X3.5 INCH HDD CAGE 84H342310-003 In Stock|Not Returnable
6106816 CHENBRO HDD CAGE, 4X3.5# HDD 84H220910-078 Not Returnable
6107138 SR105/209 HOTSWAP SAS/SATA HDD CAGE 84H220910-079 In Stock|Not Returnable
6107187 5.25 to 3.5 inch drive bay adaptor SK41101-BK-H Not Returnable
Storage Devices   >>   Storage Enclosures & RAID Arrays
5170641 SINGLE 3.5 IN SATA/SAS HD HOTSWAP CAGE SK31101T2 Not Returnable
5183007 HDD TRAY,2.5 DRIVE TRAY OF SK51201 83H555512-001 Not Returnable
5340671 RM21706 6G SATAII,C2W-5620V NO RAIL RM21706TG2-R620L Not Returnable
5353516 2U 26IN 6BAY 6G SATA/SAS LP REAR WIN RM21706TG2-R820L Not Returnable
5483353 3U 26 16BAY 6G MINI-SAS WITH EXPANDER RM31616E2 Not Returnable
5506722 4U, 26, 6G MINISAS BP CHASSIS RM41616M2 Not Returnable
5506723 4U 26 6G MINISAS BP CHASSIS LOW PROFILE RM23612M2-L Not Returnable
5531844 3U 26IN 16BAY 6G MINI-SAS PS-R2IS787A-G RM31616M2-R875 Not Returnable
5710361 2U, 26IN 6BAY SATAII LP REAR WINDOW RM21706TG2-L Not Returnable
5710362 2U 26IN 6BAY SATA2 LP BUDLE 650WATT RPSU RM21706TG2-R650L Not Returnable
5710363 3U 26IN 8BAY MINSAS WITH PS-R3G-6650PT RM31408M2-R650 Not Returnable
5795033 2U 12 BAY SUPPORT 6GB/S MINISAS HD RM23612M2-R875L Not Returnable
5908554 1U RACKMOUNT BAREBONE,INTELS1200SPSR RB23712E3R2XWT2 Not Returnable
6102934 3U 26IN 8BAY 6G MINISAS C2W-5620V RM31408M2-R620 Not Returnable
6105797 CHENBRO 2 X 2.5# SATA HD CAGE SK51201T2 Not Returnable
6106215 SR107 HOTSWAP SAS/SATA HDD CAGE 84H210710-090 Not Returnable
6106216 CHENBRO SR107 MINI SAS 3.5# HD 84H210710-089 Not Returnable
System Components   >>   Rack System & Accessories
5229319 4U OPEN-BAY COMPACT RACKMOUNT CHASSIS RM42300-F1 In Stock|Not Returnable
5303651 CHENBRO 2U CHASSIS ONLY RM21600 Not Returnable
5303658 CHENBRO 2U CHASSIS ONLY LOW PROFILE RM21600-L Not Returnable
5306270 2U 18IN W/FRONT DOOR LP RM242 RM24200-L2 Not Returnable
5455810 PSU BRACKET 4U (RM413),C2W 84H341310-011 Not Returnable
5609000 PSU BRACKET 2U ZIPPY P2G-6510/P2G-5650V 84H323610-005 Not Returnable
5785536 KINGSLIDE RAIL KIT FOR 2U-4U 84H323610-034 Not Returnable
System Components   >>   System Cabinets
5148562 3U OPEN-BAY RACKMOUNT CASE NO PSU RM31300 Not Returnable
5179518 REAR WINDOW STD RM23212/RM235 84H323210-008 Not Returnable
5217090 4U IPC CHASSIS SUPPORT 4X TESLA GPU RM41300-FS81 In Stock|Not Returnable
5225710 Server/Workstation full tower Chassis SR10569-C0 In Stock|Not Returnable
5333184 SR10769 BK 3X2CM(T25)FAN TYLERSBUR SR10769-C0 Not Returnable
5416253 PC71031 BK W/O PSU WO/1394 FAN BLUK PC71031H02-12563 Discontinued|Not Returnable
5465879 SR10769 BK 3X2CM(T25)FAN PS-R2IS7871A-G SR10769-C0-R875 Not Returnable
5468029 (N)3U,26,OPEN BAY,PS-R2IS7871A-G RM31300-R875 Not Returnable
5468030 3U, 26, OPEN BAY, PS-R2IS7651A-G RM31300-R650 Not Returnable
5673575 4U HIGH DENSITY STORAGE SERVER CHASSIS RM43348E3-R1100G Not Returnable
5685403 3U, 26 16BAY, 6G MINISAS WITH EXPANDER RM31616E2-R875 Not Returnable
5711860 3U/26I,8BAY/6G/MINSAS,WITHPS-R2IS787IA-G RM31408M2-R875 Not Returnable
5718617 2U 2.5X24BAY WITH 12G EXPANDER BACKPLANE RM23624E3-L Not Returnable
5724159 2U,18 INCH W/AL.FRONT PLATE,1 X 5.25 LP RM24100-L Not Returnable
5877287 2U RC,SUPPORT MICRO-ATX MB,2.5INHDD,400W RM24200-S400L2 Not Returnable
5920546 4UX21.5IN 12CM FAN PS-R2IS7651A-G PSU RM41300-R650F1 Not Returnable
5921581 COMPACT RACKMOUNT CHASSIS(1U),16IN/D RM14300-S Not Returnable
5921583 COMPACT RACKMOUNT CHASSIS(1U),16IN/D,PUS RM14300S-200 Not Returnable
6102935 4U IPC Racmount case w/Rail, No PSU RM42300-F-SUP In Stock|Not Returnable
6106540 CHENBRO RM31408M2 3U CHASSIS RM31408M2 Not Returnable
6139848 TOOL-LESS MINI-ITX ULTRA SLIM CHASSIS PC78338-250 Discontinued|Not Returnable