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SNX SKU Description Manufacturer PartNo Availability
Computers and Portables   >>   All in one PCs (AIO)
5480773 SURFACE HUB 55IN EN/XD CDN HDWR BNDL HP6-00002 Vendor Authorization
5638420 SURFACE HUB 55IN NFR EN/XD 3DT-00002 Vendor Authorization
5638421 SURFACE HUB 84IN NFR EN/XD 3DW-00002 Vendor Authorization
Computers and Portables   >>   Desktops
5480774 SURFACE HUB 84IN EN/XD CDN HDWR BNDL HP7-00002 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Mice / Pointing Devices
5480772 STYLUS EN/XD US/CANADA HDWR HV9-00020 Vendor Authorization
Networking & Communication   >>   Network Accessories
5480759 55IN FLOOR SUPPORT MOUNT AOC/EOC HDWR HV6-00001 Vendor Authorization
5480761 55IN ROLLING STAND AOC/EOC HDWR HU7-00002 Vendor Authorization
5480762 55IN WALL MOUNT AOC/EOC HDWR HV5-00001 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5480763 84IN FLOOR SUPPORT MOUNT AOC/EOC HDWR HV4-00001 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5480764 84IN ROLLING STAND AOC/EOC HDWR HV3-00002 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5480766 84IN WALL MOUNT AOC/EOC HDWR HV7-00001 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Service / Support   >>   System Services / Support
5480760 55IN INSTALLATION CANADA ONLY ND9-00005 Vendor Authorization
5480765 84IN SITE SRVY & INSTLLTN CANADA ONLY NF3-00005 Vendor Authorization
5480767 CMPLT: 55IN 1YR ON 1YR STD CDN WRNTY NC9-00003 Vendor Authorization
5480768 CMPLT: 55IN 2YR ON 1YR STD CDN WRNTY ND3-00003 Vendor Authorization
5480769 CMPLT: 84IN 1YR ON 1YR STD CDN WRNTY ND5-00003 Vendor Authorization
5480770 CMPLT: 84IN 2YR ON 1YR STD CDN WRNTY ND6-00003 Vendor Authorization
5987031 EHS 55IN 4Y STD WARNTY COM CAN ONLY HF3-00003 Vendor Authorization
5987032 EHS 84IN 4YR STD WRRNTY COM CAN ONLY HFH-00002 Vendor Authorization