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SNX SKU Description Manufacturer PartNo Availability
Computers and Portables   >>   All in one PCs (AIO)
5746602 S15A-1304 15 ALL-IN-ONE COMPUTER-CELERON MP924PU018012
5746603 S15A-3304 15ALL-IN-ONE TOUCH CORE I5 MP924PU018010
5746605 S21A-3304 21.5ALL-IN-ONE TOUCH CORE I5 RG416PU018033
5746604 S21A-1304 21.5 ALL-IN-ONE TOUCH RG416PU018032 In Stock
Computers and Portables   >>   Tablet PCs
5746525 N075-0101-A3 7IN ANDROID TOUCH MONITOR VF915PU018005
Monitors & Projectors   >>   Monitors
5746522 M15A-1101 15IN DESKTOP TOUCH MONITOR VGA MA509PU018066
5746531 K15B-0301 15.6IN SLIM LINE TOUCH MONITOR MG116PU018002
5746590 K15A-0101 15.0 OPEN FRAME TOUCH MONITOR MA710PU018010
5746591 MONITOR K21A-0311 21.5 SLIM LINE TOUCH RG116PU018010
5746593 K17A-0101 17OPEN FRAME TOUCH MONITOR-VGA PA710PU018011
5746594 K17B-0301 17 OPEN FRAME TOUCH MONITOR PM722PU018003
5746595 K19A-0101 19OPEN FRAME TOUCH MONITOR-VGA QA710PU018032
5746597 MONITOR K21A-0111 21.5 OPEN FRAME TOUCH RG216PU018016
5746599 M17A-1101 17 DESKTOP TOUCH MONITOR-VGA PA509PU018039
5773897 MONITOR K27A-0311 27 SLIM LINE TOUCH AG216PU018008
5774436 K10A-0701 10.1 OPEN FRAME TOUCH MONITOR CN723PU018005
5746517 K32A-0511 32IN MONITOR SIGNAGE VGA/DVI-D TH117PU018013 In Stock
5746592 K15C-0301 15 OPEN FRAME TOUCH MONITOR MM722PU018005 In Stock
5746596 K19B-0301 19OPEN FRAME MONITOR-VGA/DVI-D QM722PU018004 In Stock
5746598 K42A-0413 42 DIGITAL SIGNAGE-VGA/DVI-D WH117DU018003 In Stock
5746600 M19A-1101 19 DESKTOP MONITOR-VGA/DVI-D QA509PU018033 In Stock
5746601 M21A-1111 21.5 DESKTOP MONITOR-VGA/DVI-D RA509PU018015 In Stock