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SNX SKU Description Manufacturer PartNo Availability
Computer Accessories   >>   Computer Accessories
4700811 NIBS FLEX 5PK PEN TAB/DISP ACK20004 Vendor Authorization
5435170 1MM BLACK FOR FINELINE STYLUS ACK21001 Vendor Authorization
5785848 BAMBOO FOLIO SMARTPAD W/PEN A/PUSH CDS610G Vendor Authorization
4700810 NIBS STROKE 5PK PEN TAB/DISP ACK20002 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4700813 NIBS HARD FELT 5PK PEN TAB/DISP ACK20003 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5744849 BAMBOO SPARK CLOSURE BANDS ACK41509 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4527525 INTUOS4 LARGE SURFACE SHEET ACK10031 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4629637 DTF510 PEN 2S SW - ERASER - WHITE FP320E Discontinued
4637527 INTUOS4 LG TRANSPARENT SURFACE SHT ACK10032 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5453874 INTUOS PRO MEDIUM SE ACADEMIC PTH651SEAC Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
Computer Accessories   >>   PC Carrying Cases
5530683 CINTIQ COMPANION GREY SOFT CASE ACK41402 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
Computers and Portables   >>   Tablet PCs
5234700 3.8X 2.4 MONOCHROME LCD SIGNATURE TABLET STU430 Vendor Authorization
5524257 10.6 FULL HD PEN DISPLAY - SINGLE CABLE DTU1141 Vendor Authorization
5758036 MOBILESTUDIO PRO 16 512GB DTHW1620H Vendor Authorization
5169130 EDU PEN TCH/PRO SM INTUOS PTH451AC Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5169131 EDU PEN TCH/PRO MED INTUOS PTH651AC Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5234701 4.3X 2.6 COLOR LCD SIGNATURE TABLET STU530 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5524256 10.1 1024X600 PEN DISPLAY - SINGLE CABLE DTU1031X Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5777364 MOBILESTUDIO PRO 13 256GB DTHW1320M Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Consumer Electronics   >>   AV Cables
4513571 CINTIQ12WX VGA TO DVI-I CABLE STJA259 Discontinued
4858488 VGA-DVI CABLE, 2M, DTU CTQ12 CTQ15 STJA290 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Input Device Accessories
4568646 CARRY CASE SM INTUOS4/5/PRO SM TABLETS ACK400021 Vendor Authorization
4569800 PEN INKING INTUOS4/5/PRO KP1302 Vendor Authorization
4569841 CARRY CASE LG INTUOS4/5/PRO LG TABLETS ACK400023 Vendor Authorization
4569845 PEN ART INTUOS4/5/PRO C13/21/22/24 KP701E2 Vendor Authorization
4804694 PEN STD PEN FOR KP501E2 ACK30001 Vendor Authorization
4804695 PEN THICK GRIP FOR KP501E2 w/o SIDE HOLE ACK30003 Vendor Authorization
4804696 PEN THICK GRIP FOR KP501E2 ACK30002 Vendor Authorization
5530684 COLOR MANAGER EODIS3-DCWA Vendor Authorization
5726312 SIGNATURE PAD LCD 1.0W MONOCHROME BLK STU-300B Vendor Authorization
4456864 ACCESORY KIT PRO NIBS/GRIP/SWITCH/PULLER ACK40001 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4569840 CARRY CASE MED INTUOS4/5/PRO MED TABLETS ACK400022 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4569842 PEN CLASSIC INTUOS4/5/PRO C13/21/22/24 KP300E2 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4569844 PEN STD GRIP INTUOS4/5/PRO C13/21/22/24 KP501E2 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4804693 NIBS PEN STYLUS 6MM BAMBOO 3PK ACK20501 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5756304 INTUOS PRO MEDIUM PTH660 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5756305 INTUOS PRO MEDIUM PAPER PTH660P Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5756306 INTUOS PRO LARGE PTH860 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5756307 INTUOS PRO LARGE PAPER PTH860P Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Keyboards / Keypads
5329379 WIRELESS BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD WKT400 Vendor Authorization
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Mice / Pointing Devices
4671373 MOUSE LENS CURSOR INTUOS4/5/PRO KC210 Vendor Authorization
4852689 NIBS STD 5PK FOR ART PEN KP701E2 ACK20006 Vendor Authorization
4911142 NIBS FELT CHISEL 5PK FOR ART PEN KP701E2 ACK20005 Vendor Authorization
4952903 PEN FOR DTU2231,DTU1631 UP818E87 Vendor Authorization
5219324 SOFT NIBS 2ND BAMBOO STYL CS140/CS150 ACK20609 Vendor Authorization
5225272 INTUOS STYLUS INTUOS PEN SM l LP180S Vendor Authorization
5279076 SOFT NIB BAMBOO STYLUS FEEL WHITE ACK20604 Vendor Authorization
5490785 INTUOS COMIC PEN / TOUCH TABLET SML BLK CTH490CK Vendor Authorization
5491502 INTUOS DRAW, COMIC, ART AND PHOTO PEN LP190K Vendor Authorization
5695075 BAMBOO SOLO BLACK CS190K Vendor Authorization
5744850 BAMBOO SPARK PEN UP3703 Vendor Authorization
5791031 PRO PEN 2 KP504E Vendor Authorization
5860873 PEN FOR DTU1141 BLACK UP7724 Vendor Authorization
5861271 MONOCHROME LCD SIGNATURE TAB STU430V Vendor Authorization
4107708 PEN INKING REFILLS BLK SNGL FOR EP200 PSIA024 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4700809 NIBS STD BLK 5PK PEN TAB/DISP ACK20001 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4920062 NIBS FIRM STYLUS 6MM BAMBOO 3PK ACK20601 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5159849 PEN PRO/TCH SM INTUOS PTH451 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5225269 PRO PEN W/CARRY CASE KP503E Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5225274 INTUOS PEN FOR INTUOS PEN/TCH MED LP180ES Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5279073 FIRM NIB BAMBOO STYLUS FEEL WHITE ACK20602 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5279074 SOFT NIB BAMBOO STYLUS FEEL BLACK ACK20603 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5318535 BAMBOO STYLUS SOLO GREY CS160K Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5318536 BAMBOO STYLUS DUO GREY CS170K Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5424263 STYLUS 6MM CARBON NIB GEN3 ACK20610 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490781 INTUOS DRAW CREATIVE PEN TABLET SML WHT CTL490DW Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490783 INTUOS ART PEN & TOUCH TABLET SML BLK CTH490AK Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490784 INTUOS ART PEN & TOUCH TABLET SML BLU CTH490AB Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490786 INTUOS COMIC PEN / TOUCH TABLET SML BLU CTH490CB Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490787 INTUOS PHOTO PEN / TOUCH TABLET SML BLK CTH490PK Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490788 INTUOS ART PEN / TOUCH TABLET MEDIUM BLK CTH690AK Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5490789 INTUOS ART PEN / TOUCH TABLET MEDIUM BLU CTH690AB Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5509371 BAMBOO ALPHA PREMIUM STYLUS CS180K Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5695076 BAMBOO DUO BLACK CS191K Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5706261 BAMBOO FOLIO LARGE CDS810G Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5706262 BAMBOO SLATE LARGE CDS810S Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5706263 BAMBOO SLATE SMALL CDS610S Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5706998 INTUOS 3D CREATIVE PEN/TOUCH TABLET CTH690TK Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5708152 BAMBOO FINELINE 2 GRAY CS600C1G Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5721670 PEN (BLK/SILVER)-STU430,STU430V,STU530 UP61089A1 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5754469 BAMBOO FINELINE 3 BLACK CS610CK Vendor Authorization|In Stock
4096835 PEN ART 6D FOR INTUOS3/C12/ C21UX DTZ ZP600 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4260999 BAMBOO FUN MOUSE BLUE EC155B Discontinued
4261000 BAMBOO FUN MOUSE BLACK EC155K Discontinued
4261001 BAMBOO FUN MOUSE SILVER EC155S Discontinued
4261002 BAMBOO FUN MOUSE WHITE EC155W Discontinued
4430262 BAMBOO CRAFT SMALL WHITE CTE450WP1 Discontinued
4534208 EDU-INTUOS4 WRLS MEDIUM PEN TABLET 10PK PTK540WLMAC-10PACK Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4609482 PEN FOR BAMBOO FUN/CRAFT CTH461/CTH661 LP161E Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4699108 NIBS STD BLK 5PK w/PULLER PEN TAB/DISPLA ACK20101K Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4746984 3.9X 1.0MONOCHROME LCD SIGNATURE TABLET STU300 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4912709 BAMBOO STYLUS DUO 2PK CS110K-K Discontinued
5102444 BAMBOO STYLUS FEEL-WHT CS300UW Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5102445 BAMBOO STYLUS FEEL-CARBON CS400UK Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5102447 STYLUS BAMBOO MINI-BLUE CS120B Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5102448 STYLUS BAMBOO MINI-GREEN CS120E Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5102449 STYLUS BAMBOO MINI PINK TCH DEV CS120P Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5102450 STYLUS BAMBOO MINI-RED CS120R Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5102451 STYLUS BAMBOO MINI-WHT CS120W Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5126949 INTUOS5 TOUCH LARGE PEN TAB 10PK PTH850M Discontinued
5159851 PEN PRO/TCH MED INTUOS PTH651 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5159852 PEN PRO/TCH LRG INTUOS PTH851 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5168691 PAD BAMBOO WRLS PURPLE CTH300U Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5168738 PAD BAMBOO WRLS BLUE CTH300B Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5169129 STYLUS INTUOS CREATIVE BLUE FOR iPAD CS500PB0 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5170604 STYLUS BAMBOO SOLO GREEN CS140E Discontinued
5170610 STYLUS BAMBOO SOLO YLLW TCH DEV CS140Y Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5171557 STYLUS BAMBOO ALPHA BLK TCH DEV CS130K Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5171561 STYLUS BAMBOO ALPHA WHT TCH DEV CS130W Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5422631 PEN BLACK FOR STU520/STU300 UP610G Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5481174 PEN, DARK GREY W/TETHER DTK2241, DTH2242 KP502 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5509370 STYLUS FOR SAMSUNG PEN-ENABLED DEVICES CS310UK Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5718642 BAMBOO OMNI BLACK CS700K Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
9055030 CINTIQ PARTNER 6X8 USB TABLET ONLY, PTU600U Discontinued
4888445 PEN DISPLAY INTERACTIVE CINTIQ22HD DTK2200 Vendor Authorization|Not Returnable
Input Devices and Document Imaging   >>   Remote Controls
5530685 EXPRESSKEY REMOTE ACK411050 Vendor Authorization
Monitors & Projectors   >>   Accessories
4513568 BOX CONVERTER CINTIQ12WX PLB03 Vendor Authorization
4943052 DTK2100 STAND MSTA155 Discontinued
Monitors & Projectors   >>   Monitors
5109428 PEN/TCH DISP INTERACTIVE CINTIQ22HD DTH2200 Vendor Authorization
5735789 CINTIQ 27QHD TOUCH DISPLAY DTH2700 Vendor Authorization
5791030 CINTIQ PRO 16 DTH1620K0 Vendor Authorization
4976223 CINTIQ 13HD INTERACTIVE PEN DISPLAY DTK1300 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5126617 DISPLAY 21.5WIDESCREEN HD PEN DTK2241 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5735790 CINTIQ 27QHD CREATIVE PEN DISPLAY DTK2700 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5744917 CINTIQ PRO 13 DTH1320K0 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
5798319 DTK-1651 - 15.6 FULL HD PEN DISPLAY DTK-1651 In Stock
4746981 15.6WIDESCREEN INTACTV PEN DSPLY DTU1631 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
4746983 21.5WIDESCREEN FL HD INTACTV PEN DSPLY DTU2231 Discontinued
Networking & Communication   >>   Network Accessories
4780891 WRLS KIT FOR INTUOS5/CAPTURE/CREATE ACK40401 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Power Devices   >>   Batteries
4758839 WRLS KIT REPLACEMNT BATTERY ACK40401 ACK40203 Vendor Authorization
5435171 WIRELESS BATTERY FOR ACK40401 ACK40403 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
Power Devices   >>   Power Adapters
4513569 CINTIQ12WX AC POWER ADAPTER POWA102 Discontinued
4627324 AC ADAPTER 12V/6A FOR DTK2100 POWA111 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5333169 AC ADAPTER (12V/5A) - DTK220, DTH2200 POWA118 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
5392765 CINTIQ 24 POWER ADAPTER POWA116 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
Power Devices   >>   Power Cables
5270703 DC POWER EXTENSION CABLE 2M-DTK2200 SCDA083 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Power Devices   >>   Power Supplies
5341049 CINTIQ COMPANION POWER SUPPLY POWA124 Vendor Authorization|In Stock
Printers & Print Supplies   >>   Output Accessories
4907970 INTUOS4 MEDIUM SURFACE SHEET ACK10021 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
Software   >>   Creativity Applications
5453872 WACOM SIGN PRO PDF - V2 MEDASIGN03 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued
System Components   >>   System Cables
5334889 3-IN-1 CABLE STJA328 Vendor Authorization
5500918 1USB CABLE MICRO 1M CTL480,CTH480,CTH680 STJA327 Vendor Authorization
5706915 2-IN-1 CABLE HYBRID DTHW1310 STJA346 Vendor Authorization
4858489 USB CABLE A-B 2M, DTF DTU CTQ 12-BLACK STJA275 Vendor Authorization|Discontinued